Several poor women workers carry-out their livelihood activities manually owing to absence of appropriate tools.
Agariya tribal women migrate to Kutch to make salt manually (Kutch, Gujarat) [ Photo credit ]
They suffer poor working conditions, exploitative wages, zero employment security.
Women involved in backbreaking activity of planting rice sapling (Dimapur, Nagaland) [ Photo credit ]
The work is extremely arduous and repetitive.
A migrated women worker from Andra Pradesh making bricks (Thirumazhisai, Tamil Nadu) [ Photo credit ]
An estimated 118 million women workers involved in such informal-labour sector in India alone
A home-based women worker making bangles over flames (Khairawa, Nepal) [ Photo credit ]
Informal women workers’ contribution to domestic production is high but they remain largely invisible under middlemen system
Group of women making Bidi at their own community enterprise (Juna, Madhya Pradesh) [ Photo credit ]
We design and give them appropriate tools to do their activities easily, efficiently and more productively
An old woman plucks tea-leaves manually and drops it in the heavy basket at back (Temi, Sikkim) [ Photo credit ]
We aim to provide visibility to these invisible women workers by grouping them into a community enterprise
women making fire-cracker at a factory (Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu) [ Photo credit ]


TinkerTank is a for-profit social enterprise whose vision is to eliminate the manual drudgery that poor people have to undergo to make a pittance living especially the women workers involved in cottage-based industries. It designs, manufactures and disseminates appropriate, low-cost and high-quality tools and machines which help underserved people to do their livelihood activities easily and be more productive.

TinkerTank is currently housed in IIT Gandhinagar Campus, India. It is currently disseminating Doopica and is moving-forward to built pertinent product-pipeline.


Keshav G - Lead
Adnan Ansari - Associate
Abhishek Rathi - Associate
Kalpesh Joshi - Associate
Abhishek Kandoi - Associate
Hare Mahato - Associate

Ankita Ostawal
Abhishek Umrao
Sahil Garg

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